About Us

JATIE CORP. strives to revolutionize the Influencing Industry through proudly connecting Influencers to an extensive and established market, while aiding in the design, development, and manufacturing of authentic, unique, products that will be loved around the globe.

After creating the ever successful companies— Jatie Beauty and J80 fit, with a vision to inspire confidence, self love, and personal growth, the founders wanted to expand the mission to Jatie Corp.; a platform and resource that would allow authenticity in the marketplace. At Jatie Corp. it is believed that genuine, honest, and real products are able to bring joy to costumers & fans in a more effective and personal way.

Being founded by Influencers-Turned-Business-Owners, who truly understand both industries, Jatie Corp. is thrilled to combine the best of both worlds. Passionate to serve as a guide to Influencers during the entire process and provide an opportunity to create products that they may not otherwise have had the ability to make, Jatie Corp. wants to help eliminate bad brand deals and create a more liberated future of influencing.

Jatie Corp. is sincerely grateful for each and every connection, laugh, smile, and moment of joy that they help create. What are you waiting for? Let’s grow together! Xx Katie & Josh

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